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Seasonal menu


Tuesday to Friday at noon except July and August
lunch time from 13:00 to 15:00 h 


Seasonal menu


Welcome appetizers


“FUET” from Llagostera with toast

fresh herbs PESTO

BREAD STICKS with virgin olive oil and rosemary

First dish to choose

Roast and fresh TOMATO, almond and basil

Roasted FIGS with Jabugo ham, dried fruits and Parmesan

Bacon SALAD, dried fruits and wild mushroom confit

BLUE LOBSTER with coral vinaigrette and vegetables salpicón - supplement 6 €

Second dish to choose

Toast of BONITO FISH with roasted vegetables and spicy romesco sauce

Tender potato GNOCCHI with butter, mushrooms and Jabugo

SMALL RICE with wild mushrooms, pumpkin, sausages and black sausage

DUCK FOIE GRAS with grapes and its juice - supplement 6 €

Third dishes to choose

Roasted ANGLERFISH with bacon, herbs, rigatonis and Catalan sausage

Charcoal-grilled small FILLET STEAK with creamy mushrooms and casarecce

Slice of crisp SUCKLING PIG, roasted potatoes with herbs and small onions with a spicy touch

Charcoal-grilled TURBOT FILLET, pil-pil sauce, roasted leek and "piparras" - supplement 8 €

Desserts to choose

Bombay Sapphire GIN TONIC with Tonka bean cream, raspberry and lemon crushed ice

Smooth fresh cheese FLAN with strawberries and lemon granita

SMALL COULANT of hot chocolate with 5 spices -20 minutes


Price: 52 € (V.A.T. included)

with Wine

CIGONYES white, rosé or red - D.O. Empordà

Mineral water and Petit Fours


Price: 64 € (V.A.T. included)

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