Daily Menus

"El petit menú"


From Tuesday to Friday at noon except July and August
lunch time from 13:00 to 15:00 h


"El Petit Menú"


Welcome appetizers

Chicken SOUP

“FUET” from Llagostera with toast

fresh herbs PESTO

BREAD STICKS with virgin olive oil and rosemary

First dish to choose

organic VEGETABLE AND FRUIT salad, Parmesan, mustard and honey vinaigrette

Cured SALMON with herbs and pickles


Second dish to choose

DRY RICE with sausages and squid

Charcoal-grilled homemade BEEF sausage


Desserts to choose

mascarpone with raspberries TART

Homemade ICE-CREAM


Drinks included

1 glass of BALETA white, rosé or red or beer

Mineral water

Petit fours

Price: 39,70 € V.A.T. included

16751 Grande