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elstinars.lacartadepostres.jpg  Santa
Teresa sweet TOAST, baked sweet
pumpkin, lemon rind and yoghurt ice cream

...served with Caligo Vi de Boira  4,20

A sweet, fresh, oily,
aromatic wine


-That require preparation we recommend you order the desserts in advance

LIGHT SOUFFLÉ with a hint of Grand Marnier and passion fruit ice cream - 30 minutes 15,50

...matched with Château de l’Ecole 2016 7,95
Grand vin de Sauternes

COULANT of hot chocolate with spice ice cream and chestnut - 20 minutes 15,50
In memory of the first coulant I had at Jean Luc’s restaurant

...matched with Don Pedro Ximenez Gran Reserva 1999 8,40
a Gran Reserva that provides volume and sweetness

Caramelized PUFF PASTRY with hot chocolate and orange compote - 10 14,50

…served with Pedro Ximenez Hechizo 6,70
with a smoother, crisper character than a classic PX

Caramelized PAIN PERDU with homemade peasant's bread - 15 minutes 14,50

... served with Gramona Vi de Gel 7,70
Gramona has created a great sweet wine with this distinctive method

Bitter CHOCOLATE, crispy wafer, praline and dark chocolate sorbet 13,80

... served with Lustau Palo Cortado 7,10
Palomino made in the Palo Cortado style, fresh and unctuous

FLAN of creamy cheese, orange caramel, herbs, flowers and critrus 12,80

…served with Par Naranja 6,50
fresh fermented muscatel with its skins and orange peel

Maresme STRAWBERRIES, juice, pepper, vanilla and smoked milk ice cream 12,80

…served with Jorge Ordoñez Selección Especial 7,10
the best muscatels from Malaga produced by Alois Kracher

Lemon leaf and peel ICE CREAM, pumpkin compote, vanilla, Grand Marnier
and orange blossom jelly 12,80

... served with Tokaji Oremus Aszú 3 Puttonyos 10,90
Great Tokaji made by Vega Sicilia in the Montes de Zemplén

V.A.T. included



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